Genre: Action / 3D / 3rd Person
Developer: Beenox Studios
Publisher: Activision

Fan video game series about the legendary superhero adventures await a new generation -
Adventures in the four worlds, united by the plot and main character.

The history of the authorship of the famous comic book artist Dan Slott (Dan Slott)
will send players to search for fragments of a mysterious artifact - Tablets of order
and chaos (Tablet of Order and Chaos), - which are scattered over several parallel
universes.Gathering of the Tablet, the players will visit many different places - in the jungle,
endless desert and huge cities (some ********s not featured in any of the previous games).

In each of the four worlds to act as one of the incarnations of the legendary superhero,
and use unique skills and capabilities of each to kill all enemies, collect artifacts and restore order to
the universe.

One for all and all for one:
In the transition from one world to change not only the appearance of the hero and his abilities, but also the gameplay.If the classic Spider-Man prefers high-speed flights on the Web and fast powerful attack, his counterpart in the world of Noir relies on covert movement in the shadow silent and fast attack.
New stage of development of games:
For the first time in the history of games of Spider-Man at key points in battles with the bosses of the camera switches to first-person view that allows you to feel more acutely every moment of the battle.
Through space:
Players get a unique opportunity to explore four fundamentally different universes, each of which is made in the original art style.For example, the world Magnificent (Amazing) recall the classic, familiar from childhood brightest comics of Spider-Man, and an exotic black and white Noir (Noir) make the plunge into a dark mysterious atmosphere.
Justifiable risk:
In the four universes of players are expected not only danger but also surprises - new skills, costumes and various bonuses.
Sworn enemies:
Players will meet with many known for villain of comic books and movies, including Craven Hunter (Kraven), Hammerhead (Hammerhead) and his henchmen, and, of course, Norman Osborn (Norman Osborn), he - Goblin.


1.Burn or mount
2.Run Setup file
3.Wait for crack

*OS: Windows 7/XP/Vista;
*CPU:Intel Pentium IV 2.4 GHz / AMD 3500 +;
*RAM:2 GB;
*Video Card NVIDIA GeForce 8800/ATI Radeon X1900;
*Sound card compatible with Direct X;
*DirectX 9.0c;
*Keyboard and Mouse
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